Exam 2 By Dr. Nick Benesh

Exam 2 By Dr. Nick Benesh
Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu / Unsplash

1.) Sounds spew from a face hole. They seem to come from both sides, saturating the atmosphere with shapes and lines. Chunks are skewered together like a wind kabob. What do they mean?
a.) Gentle weight catches the sleeve
b.) Short-Term Memory
c.) Long-Term Memory
2.) A dull chime sounds a familiar tune. The vibrations trigger a network of gems that only dimly sparkle. Struggle and push to expose the light. What do they want?
a.) Crowds elbow past going in opposite directions
b.) Implicit
c.) Explicit
3.) Four letter words explode into the air homing in like missiles. Panic sets in. Scrambling, clawing through cushions, and opening drawers, you search. What is their name?
a.) A body surges closer, bursting a bubble
b.) Retrieval Failure
c.) Memory Failure